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malabar eye hospital about us


In the land of honesty we stand as the epitome of quality eye-care services that are difficult to emulate and praised for their professional approach. Well, over a period of time, Malabar Eye Hospital has carved a niche for itself as a one-stop destination for all your eye-care needs. Today the hospital has become a centre of attraction in the Malabar region thanks to the selfless services of its untiring and service-oriented healthcare professionals and the world-class equipment.

Malabar Eye Hospital is known for providing unmatched and excellent treatment options to the people from within and outside of Kerala. The hospital has earned the reputation of having provided healthcare services to thousands of people with various kinds of eye-related ailments and problems from all over the country for the last one decade.

When one thinks of quality eye-care, Malabar Eye Hospital becomes the first and foremost choice of the people not only from the Malabar region but also from rest of the state and even from outside.

The hospital is proud to have in place advanced equipment and latest technologies, which means that patients are assured of timely, high-quality and excellent treatment options which are affordable and reasonable. The hospital functions under the august leadership and distinguished guidance of eminent eye specialists under the leadership of Managing Director Mr. P M Rasheed.

Malabar Eye Hospital also boasts of providing standardized eye-care treatment with active participation and involvement in government’s social- induced plans and programmes like the national blindness control programme whose aim is to bring down the prevalence of blindness among Keralites.

Malabar Eye Hospital and Research Centre ,Kozhikode

Malabar Eye Hospital and Research Centre in Kozhikode was set up 16 years ago. Over the years it has reached the rural parts of Kozhikode and played a major role in making eye treatment available for even those downtrodden, who could not afford the ‘corporate’ cost.

The hospital has been at the vanguard of many programmes to create awareness among the public on issues like eye donation, etc. Kaazhcha is one such programme organized by the group sought to help people empathize with the blind people. Named Kaazhcha, the hospital would make people artificially blind so that they get to understand and feel what it means to be a blind person.

Charity begins at home

We are into charity work as well, supplementing a chunk of our revenue for providing treatment for the poor and the downtrodden in society completely free of cost. We provide free cataract surgery including IOL implantation to people below the poverty line. Every Sunday the hospital organises eye-screening camps at different parts of Malabar in association with social organizations. There is a full-fledged eye bank which functions round the clock to collect donor eyes.